The Crew

Captain Hank has had an aspiration for fishing since he was a small boy. Growing up Captain Hank would go down to a nearby bridge and spend all day fishing. As a teenager Hank began working as a deck hand in Fort Myers Beach at Snug Harbor Marina, it was not until 1968 that he began fishing in Panama City Beach. Captain Hank has been a charter captain since 1967 and his love for the ocean and fishing is still as strong today as it was his first day.

Our deck hand David works hard so you don’t have to! His job is to keep you ready to go and maybe even let you in on a secret or two to catch the big ones. Davids job is to ensure that you are taken care of while aboard. It is customary to give a 10% to 15% tip to the deckhand if you appreciate his hard work. 

The Boat

The boat is a 44’ fiberglass custom built Maine Coaster. The boat comes fully equipped with all the amenities you would expect, this includes: air conditioning, microwave, dining area, and 6 bunks down below where you can take a break and rest comfortably. The size and design of the ship helps to ensure that regardless of the weather conditions you are sure to have a safe and successful trip.

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